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KONIC 32-in D-LED TV - 1366x768 Res, HDMIX3, USB Ports, Freeview and PVR KKD32MS550A2
USB 2.0 PortsUSB 2.0 ports provide for convenient connection of video and audio equipment with up to..
KONIC 40-in D-LED TV - 1920 x1080, HDMIX3, USB ports, Freeview and PVR KKD40MS550A2
The KONKA 40" Widescreen Full HD LED Television features an elegant slim-frame design in order to al..
KONIC 55-in 4K LED TV - 3480 x 2160 Res, HDMI, USB, Freeview and PVR KUD55VT680AC
The KONIC 55" Widescreen UHD 4K Television features stunning picture quality and clarity, and comes ..
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