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Broadest 2.5-inch hard drive portfolio

with up to 5TB capacity and both 7mm and 15mm form factors suitable for a variety of compute applications.

Thinnest and lightest 2.5-inch hard drive

with up to 2TB storage in a 7mm z-height, providing seamless upgrades of thin and light laptops and smaller form factor systems.

Fast data rates of up to 140MB/s

This enables superior PC end-user experience and snappier file transfers.

The highest-capacity 2.5-inch hard drives

2.5-inch, 15mm z-height hard drives provide 3TB to 5TB in capacity, offering the highest-capacity 2.5-inch hard drives available for external or all-in-one storage. 15mm z-height enables slimmer all-in-one desktop PC drives while helping reduce system heat generation and vibration.

Low startup current

Low startup current configurations for 3TB to 5TB drives enable use in legacy low-current systems like USB-2 external boxes, while simultaneously lowering power consumption.

Best-Fit Applications

- Laptops
- Mobile storage
- External storage systems
- All-in-one PCs
- Ultra-slim desktop PCs


SATA 6Gb/s
Data Transfer Rate (MB/s)
up to 140
Cache (MB)
Spindle Speed (RPM)
Load/Unload Cycles
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max
1 per 10E14