Laptop Charger

Acer 180W 19.5V 9.23A 5.5 x 1.7mm Adapter
Dell 180W 19.5V 9.23A (7.4x5.0mm) Power Adapter
Digitus 90W Universal Notebook Power Adapter
Huntkey Universal Notebook Adaptor 65W 19V
LENOVO 65W 20V 3.25A 4.0 x 1.7mm POWER ADAPTER
Lenovo 65W 20V 3.25A Type-C Power Adapter
Lenovo 90W 20V 4.5A Power Adapter-Power cord not included
LUXA2 by Thermaltake 60W TYPE-C notebook adapter
Toshiba OEM Notebook Power Adapter 19V 9.5A 180W (5.5x2.5mm)
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