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GoPro Chest Mount Harness Compatible with All Hero (Performance Chest Mount) AGCHM-001


The GoPro Chesty (Performance Chest Mount) has a padded design that lets it sit more stably and comfortably on the chest, and it's also made with breathable materials that further add to the comfort aspect. The Chesty features a standard 3-prong mount and allows you to capture hands-free POV shots with GoPro cameras in nearly all activities, including high-performance activities such as skiing or motorbiking. You can also mount a GoPro Karma Grip onto the 3-prong mount by using the Mounting Ring that comes with the Karma Grip. The Chesty is adjustable to fit most body types as well as over heavy winter coats. It secures on using a quick-release buckle that's easy to handle even with gloves on.

- Padded for Stability and Comfort
- Made with Breathable Materials
- Standard 3-Prong Mount
- Adjustable One-Size Fits All Design
- Easy-to-Handle Quick-Release Buckle