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GoPro AKTES-001 Adventure Kit include The Handler Floating Hand Grip ,Wrist Strap ,Head Strap + Compact Case  AKTES-001


  • For Nearly All Activities with Any HERO
  • The Handler Floating Handgrip
  • Head Strap + QuickClip
  • Customizable Compact Case

For nearly all your adventures with any and all HERO cameras, GoPro presents the Adventure Kit, which includes The Handler Floating Handgrip for comfortable handheld shooting on land or in the water; the Head Strap + QuickClip, which allows you to wear your camera on your head or helmet, as well as attach it to a baseball cap, backpack strap, or anything similar; and a customizable compact case to carry it all in. These can be used for hiking, snorkeling, riding roller coasters, and much more.

  • The Handler Floating Hand Grip


    The Handler Floating Hand Grip from GoPro provides comfortable support and stability for your action camera in and out of the water. If dropped in the water, it keeps your camera afloat, and is easy to locate and recover thanks to a bright-orange cap on the bottom.

    A standard quick-release 3-prong mount on top supports a variety of housings and other mounting accessories. The grip is soft, non-slip, and secure, and a wrist strap offers an added measure of security. The Handler is a useful accessory for when you are surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, and other water sports activities.


    Key Features
    • Use in or out of the water to provide support and stability
    • Keeps camera afloat if dropped in the water
    • 3-prong mount supports a variety of housings/accessories
    • Soft, non-slip, secure grip
    • Bright-orange bottom is easy to spot if dropped and floating in the water
    • Wrist strap lanyard included for extra security