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GOOVIS T2 Young VR Headset - Personal Cinema



  • Brand: GOOVIS
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GOOVIS Young – Personal Mobile Cinema

Be anywhere and plug-in to your phone, computer, console, or more to live immersed in big-screen quality entertainment with a head-mounted display no bigger than a pair of ski goggles.

It’s the most comfortable HMD yet, with brilliant color and twin 1920×1080 M-OLED displays for an astonishing 800″ virtual screen experience viewed from 66′ away.

Plug & Play

Universal connectivity with USB-C. Plug-in your device and unlock your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, music, games and more. No app, or charging required. Use their video adapter to connect to HDMI.

PPD (Pixel Per Degree)

Left: GOOVIS Young PPD=42. Right: Other Brands PPD<20.

PPD is the key for sharpness. GOOVIS is four times more sharpness than other VR.

Cinema Experience

800 inches of immersive detail in brilliant color.

A Sony OLED TV for each eye.

Glasses Free

Precisely adjust the display to your eyesight with diopter and interpupillary distance adjustments.

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