• E-Blue 10-Colour RGB Mouse-Pad EMP013BKAA-IU

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E-Blue 10-Colour RGB Mouse-Pad EMP013BKAA-IU

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This ultimate gaming mouse pad has 10 lighting effect available to choose from. Pick your favourite colour if a constant glow is more your style using one of three brightness levels (brightest, medium and dim).

Built-in glowing conduits

Bordered with built-in glowing conduits including logo and cyber patters for an immersive gaming experience.

Mouse-Pad Build

Surface – Smooth resin surface area for rapid gliding movement.

Bottom – Rubber backing for gripping any surface.


  • Easy to control lighting effects to enhance your gaming performance.
  • Wide dimensions for maneuverability and mouse mobility.
  • Resilient and durable cables for long-lasting use of the device.
  • Stable and secure packaging for safe transportation.


Detailed product spec

  • Product Name: RGB full-colour glowing mouse pad
  • Model No.: EMP013BKAA-IU (RGB Version)
  • Keys:2 buttons
  • Connection: USB port
  • Voltage:5V±5%
  • Cable Length:1.6m
  • Illumination:
    • ON/OFF Switch, Brightness Switch
    • Long press to turn off the lights
    • Short press to switch the brightness
  • Lighting Modes
    • Static: Red, green, blue, purple, cyan, orange and white
    • Breathing: 7 colours are being a cycled
    • Wave: RGB marquee mode
  • Material:
    • Ultra-smooth resin surface for rapid gliding.
    • Durable rubber bottom stabilizes the pad.
    • Resilient acrylic border dazzles outrageously.
  • LED Status Notice (Wireless Chargeable Version)
    • Standby: Solid LED blue colour
    • Charging: Solid LED red colour
    • Fully charged: Solid LED green colour
  • Rechargeable function
    • Support the smartphones with the wireless rechargeable function (if the smartphones don’t have the wireless rechargeable function, users could buy a wireless charger receiver module to make it rechargeable)
  • Certification / Declaration:
    • RoHS Declaration
    • CE Certification
  • Operation system:
    • OS Support: Windows X86 X64, Win8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98, Macintosh (MAC MINI READY!), OSX 10.2~

Packing Information

  • Mousepad size:365x265x5mm
  • Product Weight:560g (549g±5g)

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