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ST Lab A-440 PCIe-1 Adapter Card 2x SATA3 6 Gb/s internal
Specifications: Overview A-440/A-450, PCIe SATA 6G + PATA Card (3 Channels, 2 x..
StarTech 4 Port PCIe SATA III Controller Card
FeaturesThe PEXSAT34RH 4-Port PCI Express 2.0 SATA Controller Card with HyperDuo adds 4 AHCI SATA II..
STLab 2-Channel Serial ATA & ATA-133 RAID Combo PCI Card VIA
Chipset: VIA VT6420 controller chip. Compliant with PCI Specification, Rev. 2.2. Compliant with PC..
STLab 4-Channel Serial ATA RAID PCI Card 6 Ports (2x Ext 4x Int)
High Ligh: ᅠᅠᅠ Chipset: Silicon Image 3114 Bus Interface: PCI bus ヨ 32 bit Compl..
STLab A-410 PCIe SATA II RAID Card 2 Channels with 2x Internal
Specifications: Silicon Image SiI 3132 Compliant with PCI Express Base Specificat..
STLab A-480 2 Port SATA PCI-e
- Compliant with PCI-Express Specification v2.0 and backward compatibile with PCI-Express 1.x- Compl..
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