l  LOYALTY POINTS will generate automatically when any online purchase been completed, which means ROC TECH Ltd T/A Extreme PC received the payment & customer receive the goods.

l  Every single $1 online purchases spend, will earn $0.01 LOYALTY POINTS. (For example, if you spend $1500.00, you will earn $15 points; if you spend $2850.00, you will earn $28.50 points)

l  You will receive a confirmation email after any online purchases to show how much points you earned.   

l  Once you got any LOYALTY POINTS, our system will apply it into your next online purchase straight away & automatically. (For example, if you purchased on $80 item, and you have $20 points, system will auto deduct $20 from your purchsae. you will only need to pay $60 for this purchase).

l  LOYALTY POINTS can applies to any items on any online purchases.

l  LOYALTY POINTS does not apply to gift voucher purchases.

l  The LOYALTY POINTS is not transferrable, may not be resold or redeemed for cash.

l  If you return items purchased using a LOYALTY POINTS , we will subtract the value of the LOYALTY POINTS  from your return credit.

l  LOYALTY POINTS can be used combine with Coupon.

l  ROC TECH Ltd T/A Extreme PC reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time.

l  ROC TECH Ltd T/A Extreme PC reserves the right to void the transactions where prohibited.

l  If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the LOYALTY POINTS will be invalid, and the LOYALTY POINTS discount will not apply.

ROC TECH Ltd T/A Extreme PC reserves the right to update this terms and conditions without prior notice.

How to check the LOYALTY POINTS balance.

After you log into your account. Click 'Your loyalty points'

You will see your current LOYALTY POINTS balance and all your transaction history.


Our system will spend your points as Store Credit automatically to apply on your any purchase. As showing below when you purchasing any products from our website. 

Please be note that on the Step 5: PAYMENT METHOD, choose 'Bank Transfer' if your total pay is $0 for your purchase.

You can choose either 'POLi Payments' or 'Credit Card' if the Store Credit not cover your whole order.


Then on the Step 6. it will confirm your order details. 


Congratulations!!! You have spent your LOYALTY POINTS into Store Credit for your purchase. 

At the last, enjoy your purchase. :)